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Our cities are growing


is demanding more and more energy

We are consuming

precious resources

and increasing the CO2 load

We are intensively

exploiting nature

– forgetting about sustainability

Car, aeroplane, ship:

Our mobility

releases huge quantities of CO2

Our environment is suffering:


is advancing rapidly

The polar ice caps are melting

The sea level is rising

Inhabited areas are under threat

More and more extreme

weather phenomena

are associated with climate change

Flooding and


are robbing us of valuable land for cultivation

Enormous economic

damage and costs

will have to be borne

The result is

socially depressed areas

and mass migrations

The consequences:

Shrinking biospheres

and climatic faults

We do not have that luxury

This is why Progroup is taking action

And is already doing so today

We would need

five globes

to be able to continue living as we are

The future will bring

higher recovered paper prices

due to a rising global demand

The trend in recovered paper prices (Source: EUWID):
Volatile fluctuations with an upward trend


Our resources are


and desired worldwide

We only have this Earth

A better carbon footprint

will secure our future

When it comes to CO2 emissions, the industrial countries are ahead. The developing countries are quickly catching up.

Non-toxic – and yet still dangerous

CO2 in everyday life

Where can we all save CO2 today?

CO2 is an invisible gas that is present everywhere. We exhale it, like all living creatures. Plants absorb it again and need it to live. The CO2 cycle would therefore not be a problem – if our civilisation did not also additionally produce large quantities of CO2. The ever increasing concentration of CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere encourages what is known as the greenhouse effect – the Earth and the lowest layer of the atmosphere are getting warmer. Every single gram of CO2 that we can save is valuable for the future of people living on planet Earth. So here are a few examples – to reflect on. And to do something about.

Frankfurt – New-York and back:

„A lesson“

2,200 kg of CO2 per seat

Holidays with heavy CO2 luggage: Flight from Frankfurt to New York and back: 470 kg of CO2 per passenger.

For an aircraft carrying 90 passengers, we could produce around 230 tonnes of Next Fibre® papers for the same amount of CO2. (Source: www.pcf-projekt.de)

Washing hair with shampoo:

„Natural wave“

with 290 g of CO2 daily

The price of beautiful hair: Washing your hair at a temperature of around 40°C: approx. 290 g of CO2 per wash.

The daily beauty routine costs us as much CO2 as producing just over 1 kg of Next Board® corrugated board. (Source: www.pcf-projekt.de)

Daily food for thought:

„Coffee dregs“

1 cup of coffee = 59.12 g of CO2

The usual way to start the day: A cup of coffee: 59.12 g of CO2.

A whole year of your "wake-up call" produces as much CO2 as the use of 388 kg of Next Board® corrugated boards prevents in terms of CO2 emissions. (Source: www.pcf-projekt.de)

500 g plastic punnet of spring strawberries:


441.8 g of CO2 pollution

Greenhouse effect from the greenhouse: 500 g plastic punnet of spring strawberries from Spain: 441.8 g of CO2.

6.25 m2 Next Fibre® paper with a grammage of 80 g weighs just as much, but only produces around 92 g of CO2. (Source: www.pcf-projekt.de)

6,430 g of CO2 per kg of beef


with additives

Succulent indulgence, succulent CO2 values: Beef 6,430 g of CO2 per kg of meat, high pollution from the frying pan. Although you can't eat this: Next Board® corrugated board produces just 308 g of CO2 per kg of material. (Source: www.umweltbewusst-heizen.de)

Press report for telephone services:

„Emergency call“

89.55 kg of CO2 pollution

The CO2 cost of constant contact: Complete package of telephone service with internet access, 12 months: 89.55 kg of CO2.

For the equivalent amount of CO2, you could produce more than half a tonne of Next Fibre® papers. (Source: www.pcf-projekt.de)

Product Carbon

Our commitment:

Roadmap 2050

Lower CO2 emissions

We are on the way

Green Hightech

Our investment in the future

Progroup's answer: With high levels of investment and consistent development work over many years, we have completely re-conceived the notions of corrugated board and corrugated board packaging. Our ambitious „Green Hightech“ concept represents a series of Next Generation Products: Next Fibre® corrugated board base papers, Next Board® corrugated boards and, produced from them, Next Box® packaging which our experienced packaging partners in Europe produce to meet their requirements. You therefore have the opportunity to have a positive influence on your company's carbon footprint and to demonstrate that sustainability is not just an empty concept for your company.

Next Box® is
Green Hightech

Less raw material

Next Generation Products

Lower CO2 emissions

Next Fibre®

52 % less CO2

Less use of resources

Next Fibre® – the lightweights with

FSC certification* weighing 60 g, 70 g, 80 g

Our actions secure our future
*FSC® C106924

The inception of Next Fibre®: The concept of the Propapier PM2 paper machine in Eisenhüttenstadt began to take shape in 2006. The efficient production of high-quality, lightweight corrugated board base papers became reality.

Today: With Next Fibre®, today a complete range of papers is available whose production saves the environment on average 52% CO2 – compared to the corrugated board base papers which are currently customary in the market.

In addition, Next Fibre® is able to reduce CO2 emissions during transport by up to 24%. More metres per roll mean fewer truck journeys.

The gentle drum fibre treatment, the globally unique machine concept and chemical additives in different formulations make it possible to produce papers which save valuable resources.

Next Fibre® is a valuable contribution to the environment. The production and transport of one tonne of Next Fibre® saves the environment as much CO2 as could be stored by roughly 17 m2 of forest.

Next Fibre® corrugated board base papers provide the basis for the development of our high-per­for­mance corrugated boards under the Next Board® brand.

Next Generation

15 % less CO2 pollution

Corrugated board

is now green!

Next Board® – a product

completely reconceived

Slimmer, lighter, more powerful

Thanks to newly developed innovative corrugated board designs, we have successfully managed to achieve higher ECT values as well as improved compressive strength with less use of materials.

The „Product Carbon Footprint“ certification of TÜV Rheinland confirms that Next Board® saves up to 15 % CO2 pollution in manufacturing compared to customary grades available on the market.

With improved performance, Next Board® corrugated boards are thinner than current standard products on the market. This means that more corrugated board can be stored on the same surface area.

Thanks to its thinner structure, Next Board® also has a transport benefit. Bigger load per trip – one in seven journeys by truck is now no longer needed.

Next Board® corrugated boards relieve the burden on the environment, as is confirmed by TÜV Rheinland. The production and transport of one tonne of Next Fibre® saves the environment as much CO2, as could be stored by roughly 6 m2 of forest.

Next Box® packaging is only made from Next Board® at selected production partners throughout Europe.

Next Generation

Next Box®


for the future

Next Box® is Green Hightech

CO2-reduced packaging

High-tech quality with good environmental arguments

Next Box® packaging provides you with persuasive arguments for your environmental marketing. It improves your company's carbon footprint with markedly reduced CO2 values.

The Next Box® logo signifies to your eco-conscious customers that your company is serious about the carbon footprint of its packaging.

Thanks to its outstanding performance features, Next Box® packaging provides you with the reassurance that your products are protected in the best way possible.

The special design of the Next Board® corrugated boards produces very exact edges during processing and therefore gives your packaging a precise, high-quality look and appearance.

The surface of the Next Board® corrugated boards is smooth and does not display any rippling. This means that outstanding printing results which promote sales can be achieved.

Your packaging is produced by our Next Box® production partners Throughout Europe we have highly capable packaging specialists that are geared up to process Next Board®. Ask us about them.

Next Box® is
Green Hightech

Rely on

CO2-reduced packaging

made from Next Board®, the new generation of corrugated board

The best
product protection

thanks to optimised
packaging performance

brand identity

thanks to improved printing
results and precise processing

Highly efficient
production partners

throughout Central Europe support corryou when it comes to packaging

life-cycle assessment

in the packaging sector


for your eco-conscious


of precious

Rely on

Green Hightech

and the experience of our production partners

Based in Europe

Active near you

Ask about our Next Box® partners

With two paper factories and seven sheeting plants throughout Central Europe, Progroup is able to deliver both geographical proximity and cross-border support and supply customers with high-tech papers and corrugated boards. To meet your packaging requirements, we cooperate with packaging manufacturers in Central Europe that are able to reliably meet your Next Box® requests from small batch sizes right through to major orders. Ask about our partners near to you.

Progroup – The Power of Innovation

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Prowell corrugated board sheeting plants

Propapier paper factories for corrugated board base papers

Next Box® production partners (exemplary)

Next Box® throughout Europe

We are more than happy to put you in touch with a reliable Next Box® production partner. Get in touch with us – we look forward to handling your assignments.